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(Office 365, GT Outbound Services, Sympa Lists)

New Mailbox

You can request for either Shared mailbox or Resource mailbox from this form. Click here to see if Shared mailbox or Resource mailbox is right for you.

New Employee Account

Store and Forward

"Store and Forward" allows you to store your email messages in one mailbox while sending an additional copy of all messages to another email account.

Enable Device/Machine for Sending Email

Image of a mail icon with a device icon right by it.

If you have a server or device (i.e. printer, scanner, copier) that needs to be able to send email, we can add your hostname(s) to an Authorized Senders list on the Campus MTAs (message transfer agents).

Mailbox Permissions

Image of a mail icon with a key icon right beside it.

Need a change to a mailbox's permissions? Request a change to who has access.